Shades of Shadows

Have you ever wondered the significance of colors in your life? Every color has a significant role to play in our lives. Every moment the color of our shadow keeps changing and it displays a unique sense of code for others to see and perceive.

When a child is born he is blank and is unaware of strings of life. For him life is just a blank piece of white board where nothing has been written yet. He is confused. He is ignorant. He displays color white. Everyone of us when we started our journey displayed color WHITE.

As we grow, we display color RED. We are surrounded by our parents. We are surrounded by love. Everyone cares for us and everyone showers their blessings on us. It is a lovely red phase of love that we start toddling. We don’t have to seek attention, we are the centre of attention. This phase of life is color RED.

But unfortunately this phase doesnt last long as we are required to go out and explore the world. The first step we take after our RED phase decides our next phase. It is usually GREY. Our struggle starts and we are pushed to wall. We are made to suffer. For some this phase is long for some this phase is insignificant but everyone has to pass through this phase of life.

Another point which is worth noting is, that everyone’s life is a summation of all these three color of life. It usually rolls between WHITE, RED and GREY. Our life is a derivative of these colors.

So close your eyes for a moment and look into your inner self. I know it is not easy thing to do. Lets try again. Close your eyes. Close your ears to all other noise around you. Just think that you are alone and no one is watching you. You are sitting in a place with vast empty spaces all around you. Now just leap into your inner self and see what is the shade of your color today. Just ease into it..

Shade of your color will guide you. Seek its guidance. It helps